Welcome to the world of Leona and Eira!

Who are we?

Two girls, different aspirations and backgrounds, day 1 of college and we clicked! 😉 It all started from that conversation on September 05, 2014 at Subway, NSP where we talked about anything and everything and we knew it from within, this bond wasn’t going anywhere. From then till now, our journey has been an abso-freaking-lutely rollercoaster ride!

Sounds extreme, right? Well yeah that’s what we are – going from A to Z, we are glad to grow up to a point where full stop doesn’t exist in our dictionary of symbols anymore.

Why are we here?

To brighten the days with their sense of knowledge, fun and humor, Leona and Eira are here to offer a very special bond. From our learning experiences to the crazy ones, we’ve lived it all being hail to the fire for each other. And it is time that the world out there knows about it.

Why us?

Did the description above look too free and easy? *Mission accomplished* 😀 That’s how our content shall be. We write about anything and everything, the genre being – makes sense to us. Because, no fun for the writer, no fun for the reader

Behind the scenes…

Japneet is an outgoing, passionate and impulsive girl who aspires to be a boss lady one day. Though difficult to get into her comfort zone, once you are there, she’d be up against the wall for you. Full of life personality with creative ardor, you shall find her with earphones plugged in during her free time.

Japneet Kaur

With dreams as big as the sky, Himani is a quiet and reserved individual, but the real her is altogether a different story that unfolds only once you know her. She does not belong to the clubs and parties, rather it is the desserts, beaches and mountains where she finds her home.

Himani Aggarwal