Dearest *so-called* someone who feels too much,

Is this one of those nights again where you simply spoiled your mood by making the cloud of the thought that was mere one and was eventually multiplied by thousands? That feeling of restlessness is wrapping around you again? And the fact that you know it will all go away once you try to shut off your mind by watching Netflix or plugging in loud music or passing out in your bed, is eating you more? We feel you, sweetheart. Been there-being there, done that-doing that!

Most of us spend a number of sleepless nights thinking about one situation that happened in the previous months/years or a while ago and by the time we realise, it seems too late to pull the break of the car. A simple “Can we talk” text message from the loved one, and there starts our wheel of thoughts until we are able to gather the courage to respond. And the worst part, even if that message was not directed the way we assumed, it made us sensitive enough to notice and wonder about the smallest alterations. This is overthinking and not about you feeling *too-much.* Tbh, the majority of us give undue importance to our thoughts but not all of us agree. It is a fact that people will react in a certain way and since it is a part of who they are (that we accepted the day we bonded with them), we cannot do much about it. It is at this point we tend to overthink, make assumptions, recalculate our relationships and thus make things more complicated than they could have ever been. It is correctly said and something we surely forget is that life is 10% of what is happening around us and 90% it accounts for how we react to it!

Also, it’s not always people we know who create a cloud of mis-match thoughts in our mind, even the ‘society’ does a great deal at that. Our happiness and content of mind loses track amidst satisfying everyone. You know what? No matter what you do, someone will always be unhappy. You can never please everyone, every time. Especially in the age of social media, it is so easy to be driven by the voices of the faceless and speculate realities in one’s own fantasy world. Fighting the demons of thoughts in mind is absolutely not easy, but it is just a little control on your mind and the set priorities that’d help you rule your own world. Do a favour to yourself, appreciate every small moment, smile at yourself, at situations, come down and become a *too-much* one in enjoying this very special journey called ‘Life.’

Hey you, feel proud of yourself because despite a thousand things going ‘not as planned’ in your life, with all the drama and craziness of the world; you are still living, you are still breathing and most importantly, you are still trying, you are trying everyday to understand this whole world thing! You are not giving up and it takes a really strong person to manage all that and trust us, you are killing it! 

Yours truly,