We are in the last week of the most uncertain year of our lives (until now, hopefully forever) – 2020. Well settled in daily routines until February, our lives changed drastically and words like lockdown, pandemic and Hydroxychloroquine found a prominent place in dictionaries. We lost the personal touch. Hugs, kisses and even the handshakes eloped. This time, not only meeting strangers was cautioned, seeing friends or family also involved risks. The closer we got to each other with the advanced technologies over the past two decades, a little virus locked us up all by ourselves in our dorms. Every country was at an internal war, but this time without weapons. With all of this happening, our list of complaints to life, existing systems and most importantly to God was just getting bigger everyday. Nevertheless, these were the most unexpected and not at all welcomed times. And even the peppy beginning did not come with a disclaimer that going forward we will have to draw mountains with every ray of sunshine that comes along and making it till here itself would feel like an achievement. It absolutely does, honestly. So much has happened in this whole year that we lost the track of time and maybe we do not even want to think about it and just step into the new years with the abundance of hopes and positivity that we can possibly attract!

Today, while writing this article on the last day of the year, all Leora wants to express is GRATITUDE for it is the healthiest of all human emotions. And this feeling of thankfulness is not only for surviving this rollercoaster, it’s for each breath that we and our loved ones sinked and are sinking, in and out. It’s for every smile and laughter that we could experience despite all the odds. It’s for all the people who stood by- family, friends, colleagues and the frontline workers. It’s for the blessings that never faded from The One. It’s for the whole universe guarding us from the storms that have vanished the worlds of many, which our words would never be able to justify. The fact that every day of this year felt like the end of the world, and you have still come this far, itself demands a THANK YOU to all the powers and blessings that went into making each given day this year a gift. Last but not the least, gratitude for self, for none of this was possible if we weren’t ready to put efforts into chasing happiness in the most uncanny moments.

Also, it’s not only about appreciating the biggest milestones, but the littlest ones, for it is the little things that make you and break you! It is precious to be alive, to be able to breathe, think, enjoy and to feel love. Let acknowledging the ordinary be the new extraordinary.  And trust me, NONE of us would want to encounter another such time to make us realize as simple a thing as practising gratitude. It’s not a new year’s resolution or so, it is something you need to start right now, from the very next moment you read this word. Be thankful for what all you have and the world will put all that you desire in your hands. JUST BE THANKFUL.